Tel-Aviv Fast Lane

The fast lane is an international innovative and original project, based on a special public transportation toll route, regulating traffic and maintaining lane minimum speed. The route is based on a BOT method. Shapir is assigned to develop and operate it for 28 years.

As known, in recent years large traffic increment is inclining, among traffic jams. In the face of these data revealed that the rate of construction of new roads eases the Israeli citizen traffic in everyday routine, resulting in traffic congestion and unexpected delays, travel time is very significant, especially at the entrance to major cities.

The fast lane will provide an option of continuous flow of vehicles around the clock, monitoring and control entrances and exits of vehicles 24 hours a day, advanced control systems,  Smart ID security cameras, Park and ride area, public parking and public transportation system cooperation with Dan, position manned intelligence and security - all to ensure the significant improvement in roads in Israel Israeli citizens are waiting for.

Self-financed project cost is 500 million, including computerized systems to identify vehicles, traffic regulation, are made in cooperation with Siemens. The project should open to use for public transportation and subscribed audience in late 2010.

The fast lane is dedicated for public transportation and registered subscribers only - free registration and details can do here: